On this page you can download a series of publications and other works by members of the Institute, and some of its affiliates, from around the web.

Urban Cultures

David Cunningham, ‘The Concept of Metropolis: Philosophy and Urban Form
David Cunningham, ‘Re-Placing the Novel: Sinclair, Ballard and the Spaces of Literature’
David Cunningham, ‘Slumming It: Mike Davis’ Grand Narrative of Urban Revolution
Jon Goodbun, ‘Gregory Bateson’s Ecological Aesthetics’
Interview with Rem Koolhaas and Reinier de Graaf
Allan Stoekl: Agnes Varda and the Limits of Gleaning
Alexandra Warwick, ‘The Scene of the Crime: Inventing the Serial Killer
Anne Witchard, ‘Aspects of Literary Limehouse: Thomas Burke and Chinatown’
Anne Witchard, ‘Bedraggled Ballerinas on a Bus Back to Bow: The “Fairy Business”‘

Visual Culture

John Beck, ‘The Purloined Landscape: Photography and Power in the American West’
John Beck, ‘Signs of the Sky, Signs of the Time’
David Cunningham, ‘Time, Modernity and Aesthetics in Lyotard’s Rewriting of Kant
Interview with Thomson & Craighead

Bio-Cultures and the Body

Emma McEvoy, ‘Groundless Metaphors and Livings Maps in the Writings of Mary Shelley
Sina Najafi, The Body Web Gallery
Alexa Wright, ‘Monstrous Others, Monstrous Selves
Alexa Wright & Alf Linney, ‘Conversation Piece

Cultural Institutions: Education, Research, Archive

Matthew Charles, ‘Lines in Class: The Ongoing Attack on Mass Education’
David Cunningham, Documenta 12 Dossier: What is to be done? (Education)
Rachel Lichtenstein, ‘A Little Dust Whispered
Rachel Lichtenstein, Archiving Chalkwell Hall
Peter Ride, ‘Reflections on “Resolutely Analogue? Art Museums in Digital Culture”’

The Whitechapel Salons (podcasts)

Hope I: Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
Hope II: Richard Sennett
Hope III: Chantal Mouffe
Hope IV: Peter Osborne

Bonus Videos and Podcasts

Alter Ego: Short film of Alexa Wright’s installation, with Alf Linney, at FILE 2007.
Ballard and Architecture
: David Cunningham talks about J.G. Ballard, pop art & the novel.
Boundaries and Communities: Discussion at Showroom Gallery
City Cultures: David Cunningham at the City Cultures launch at the Architectural Association.
Chinatown Stories: Anne Witchard discusses representations of the Chinese in London.
Flat Earth: 2007 film by Thomson and Craighead which weaves material found online.
Genre without Genre: David Cunningham on the Philosophy of the Novel.
Human-Computer Interfaces: Peter Cornwell talk at Central Saint Martins, May 2011.
Intersciences, Philosophy, Writing: David Cunningham talks about Derrida.
The Local Art School and Globalised Bohemia: John Beck and Matthew Cornford at Winchester School of Art, 2014.
Making History: Anne Witchard on Victorian ballet and street-dancing.
Metropolitics: David Cunningham’s 2009 public lecture at the Architectural Association.
The Persistence of the Lab: John Beck talks about Art and Technology Labs with Ryan Bishop, Jussi Parikka and Lori Emerson at Transmediale 2016.
Rodinsky’s Room: Interview with Rachel Lichtenstein about her relationship to the East End.
Unprepared Piano: A piano is connected to a database of music MIDI files from all over the web. Thomson and Craighead.

Further Links

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