The Whitechapel Salons (podcasts)

Hope I: Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
Hope II: Richard Sennett
Hope III: Chantal Mouffe
Hope IV: Peter Osborne

IMCC/CRMEP Public Lectures on Philosophy, Politics and Art 2019 (podcasts)

Catherine Malabou (CRMEP) –  Is Science the Subject of Philosophy? Miller, Badiou and Derrida
Lucy Bond (IMCC)/Howard Caygill (CRMEP) – Is Memory the Basis of History (After Trump)?
Stella Sandford (CRMEP) – Reason in Reverse – Kant and Freud on Faults 
Radha D’Souza (Westminster)/Peter Hallward (CRMEP) – What’s Wrong with Human Rights?
Étienne Balibar (CRMEP) – Towards a Socialist Cosmopolitanism
David Cunningham (IMCC)/Peter Osborne (CRMEP) – Poetics of Contemporary Art

Bonus Videos and Podcasts

Alter Ego: Short film of Alexa Wright’s installation, with Alf Linney, at FILE 2007.
Ballard and Architecture
: David Cunningham talks about J.G. Ballard, pop art & the novel at the RA.
Boundaries and Communities: Discussion at Showroom Gallery with David Cunningham.
City Cultures: David Cunningham at the City Cultures launch at the Architectural Association.
Chinatown Stories: Anne Witchard discusses representations of the Chinese in London.
China on the Pantomime Stage: Anne Witchard for the the British Chinese Heritage Centre.
Conversations on Communism: Elinor Taylor chats about communism.
Flat Earth: 2007 film by Thomson and Craighead which weaves material found online.
Genre without Genre: David Cunningham on the Philosophy of the Novel.
Human-Computer Interfaces: Peter Cornwell talk at Central Saint Martins, May 2011.
Intersciences, Philosophy, Writing: David Cunningham talks about Derrida.
Kathy Acker’s Guts: Georgina Colby on the TLS podcast.
The Local Art School and Globalised Bohemia: John Beck at Winchester School of Art, 2014.
Making History: Anne Witchard on Victorian ballet and street-dancing.
Metropolitics: David Cunningham’s 2009 public lecture at the Architectural Association.
The Persistence of the Lab: John Beck talks about Art and Technology Labs at Transmediale 2016.
RCA Visual Culture Series with David Cunningham in 2016.
Rodinsky’s Room: Interview with Rachel Lichtenstein about her relationship to the East End.
Unprepared Piano: A piano is connected to a database of music MIDI files from all over the web.
What Was Art School?: Public lecture by John Beck at CAMEo Research Institute 2017.

Further Links

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