CRMEP Seminars

Our friends at the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, now safely relocated at Kingston University, have announced their list of seminars for the coming term.

7 October 2010             
Hegel, Kierkegaard and Mediation
Jon Stewart (Kierkegaard Research Centre, Copenhagen University)
Venue: Swedenborg Hall, 20-21 Bloomsbury Way WC1A

21 October 2010           
Philosophy, Capitalism and the Novel
David Cunningham (IMCC, Westminster)
Venue: Ramsay Lecture Theatre, UCL, 20 Gordon Street WC1H

26 October 2010           
Title ‘What is a Psychic Event? Freud and Contemporary Neurology on Trauma’
Catherine Malabou (University of Paris, Ouest-Nanterre)
Venue: The Churchill Room, Goodenough College, Mecklenburgh Square, London, WC1N

11 November 2010        
Between Sharing and Antagonism: The Invention of Communism in Marx’s 1844 Manuscripts
Antonia Birnbaum (Philosophy, University of Paris 8)
Venue: Swedenborg Hall

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