The Institute welcomes Lise Majgaard Mortensen as a Visiting Junior Research Fellow

The Institute for Modern and Contemporary Culture at University of Westminster, London, welcomes Lise Majgaard Mortensen as a Visiting Junior Research Fellow.

Lise is completing a PhD in the Institute of Language, Literature, and Culture at Aarhus University, Denmark, entitled Ekphrasis in Flux: A Reconsideration of the Ekphrastic Object in an Age of Remediation. Her project proceeds from the conjecture that, as a product of contemporary culture, literature is bound to reflect our increased visual literacy, as mass media and new media are recasting the structure of human experience. Through a focused study of the contemporary novel, she trace an increased urgency in the lesser visual medium of literature to explore the inherent differences between the visual and the textual. Her research is concerned with the ways in which – and the reasons why – contemporary authors take on the challenge of representing moving images, film and digital media through the medium of text.

Here’s to your time in London, Lise!

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