White Nostalgia and Nordic Noir seminar, Tues 8 Oct

An event in Westminster Sociology Research Series that might be of interest to IMCC-followers:

Ethnic appropriateness: white nostalgia and nordic noir
Dr Ben Pitcher, University of Westminster

Tuesday 8th October, 5.30pm, room 155, University of Westminster, 309 Regent Street

This talk explores a widespread cultural trend away from cosmopolitan consumption, and towards ‘ethnically appropriate’ consuming practices. It suggests that in an attempt to identify forms of ‘appropriate’ white ethnicity in multicultural contexts, consumers have engaged with nostalgic fantasies of domestic femininity. It goes on to consider the appeal of Nordic culture to white British consumers, and suggests that it too is marked by fantasies of ethnic appropriateness, in this case manifested in the landscape, climate, food, culture and politics of the Nordic countries.


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