Thomson & Craighead Love L.A.

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Thomson and Craighead are currently on show at the Young Projects gallery in Los Angeles with the exhibition Wake Me Up When It’s Over. The exhibition will feature nearly a dozen works spanning the years 1996-2016, thereby presenting an in-depth look into the couple’s practice and methodologies.

For the better part of the past two decades Jon Thomson and Alison Craighead have been “digging deep,” as curator Marc Garrett once described their practice, “into the algorithmic phenomena of our networked society; its conditions and protocols (architecture of the Internet) and the non-ending terror of the spectacle as a mediated life.” In the process they’ve employed web cams, data feeds, networks, movies, images, sound and text in their many installations, videos and art-objects–often with a wide array of art-historical reference points, including 1960s systems art, 1970s structuralist film-making, and the compositional experiments of the literature group, Oulipo.

Works featured in the exhibition include: A Short Film about War (2009/2010); Apocalypse (2016); Belief (2012); Common Era (2016); Flipped Clock (2009); Help Yourself (2016); Television Fan (1996); The Time Machine in Alphabetical Order (2010); Trooper (1998); Untitled (Balloon Work) (2016).

More details here.

Floating Points at Ambika P3

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Gavin Baily, Tom Corby 

Ambika P3, University of Westminster, 35 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LS

Exhibition Opening hours:  Saturday 19th Dec – Monday 21 Dec, 12.00-6.00
Private view:  6.00 pm Friday 18th December

A new exhibition by Gavin Baily and Tom Corby consisting of 3 screen-based projects and an installation set within P3’s underground galleries. The Northern Polar Studies (2015) and Minima, Maxima (2015) are premiered, while The Southern Ocean Studies (in collaboration with Dr Jonathan Mackenzie 2010), and Cyclone (2005 – 2015) are uniquely shown together for the first time. All 4 works employ various forms of climate or meteorological data to visually and physically condense the aleatory, hidden and the systemic aspects of sites and landscapes as large-scale data animation or installation.

Art has long found ways to make tangible the Earth’s exhalation of atmospheres and climates. This exhibition can be seen as part of this tradition, but breaks from it by bringing contemporary scientific technologies, data and institutions to bear to show how universal concepts of human relations with landscape are still pertinent in a contemporary context of accelerating climate change.  Additionally, the complex entanglements of the social, material, atmospheric and geographic explored throughout these works, extend our feel for landscape and also our sense of how time functions in it. Landscape through its laminations, layering and morphologies, is conceived in this work as a recording device that tracks the Earth’s changing energy signatures. This movement of time and matter reimagines environmental terrains as extended temporal forms resultant from long-term changes; which we might propose of as ‘deep time landscapes’.


In Process opening

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In Process Private view

Thursday 10 December, 6.00 pm
Gallery West – Project Space, University of Westminster, Harrow Campus

In Process (2015) is the inaugural exhibition from the Centre for Research and Education in Art and Media (CREAM) doctoral caucus based at the University of Westminster, including work by our own Steve Smith. The exhibition is a showcase of the various vibrant strands of interdisciplinary research being undertaken at the university. The focus is on modes in which CREAM students further practice-based modes of inquiry as means of art-making and producing contributions to knowledge and contributions to experience. Students undertaking principally theoretical research will also present elements of their research using practical modes. The exhibition will present work from ten doctoral students in the Project Space of Gallery West, and will be paralleled by a programme of film showings and performances.

Estéfani Bouza, Cinzia Cremona, Sue Goldschmidt, Alexandra Jönsson, Mirko Nikolić, Fathima Nizaruddin, Alexa Raisbeck, Bhavna Rajpal, Arne Sjögren, Steve Smith.

University of Westminster, Watford Road, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 3TP
Nearest Tube station: Northwick Park (Metropolitan line)

10 December 2015 – 8 January 2016
Opening times: 10am – 10 pm daily

Further details: www.westminster.ac.uk/inprocess

Frankfurt Book Fair

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IMCC’s Data Futures project launches its Merve Electronic Back-Catalogue at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

In collaboration with Berlin publisher Merve Verlag and Hybrid Publishing Consortium, IMCC has re-delivered more than a hundred previously out of print books in three independent electronic formats – book-in-browser, ePub2 and PDF – plus print-on-demand. Initially a research project accessible at http://merve.consortium.io using a workflow developed by Data Futures using its freizo software platform, the project is now focusing on reader customization of the texts and internet delivery models.

Data Futures has imported the original books as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) files and created a workflow for contributors in several countries to address OCR errors and to markup structure, such as chapter headings, illustrations, footnotes and citations. freizo then exports html5 which can be processed and re-paginated into multiple formats.

Centre for Useless Splendour launch event, Wed 4 December

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Wednesday 4 December, 5.30-8.30pm
Centre for Useless Splendour (previously The Swan public house), opposite Stanley Picker Gallery, Mill Street, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 2QJ.

Centre for Useless Splendour Reading Room Launch Event, School of Fine Art, Kingston University

5.30pm  In Conversation: John Beck & Matthew Cornford will be discussing their new publication The Art School and The Culture Shed with Dean Kenning.

6-8.30pm  Opening Reception: Reading Room is a temporary exhibition in the Stanley Picker Gallery Lobby which brings together publications commissioned by the Centre for Useless Splendour since its establishment in 2010 and launches new publications from Esther Windsor, Mark Greenwood, Roderick Harris, Enda Deburca & John Russell, Laura Cull & Simon O’Sullivan, John Beck & Matthew Cornford. The exhibition also plays host to a new sculptural commission from artist duo Ox Art.


Citizen Curators exhibition, Photographers’ Gallery

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‘#Citizen Curators’
July 1 – August 27 2013, The Photographers’ Gallery, 16 – 18 Ramillies Street, London W1F 7LW

How does social media transform the way we record, share and ultimately remember major events? #citizencurators is a Twitter project co-directed by our own Peter Ride which documents the way Londoners responded to the Olympics of 2012. It aims to show how the contemporary history of London 2012 could be recorded by the people who experienced it without the filtering of an institution.

In the project, any citizen of London could become a curator using social networking and tweet their responses in words or images with the hashtag #citizencurators. These were then collected and archived by the Museum of London. On the occasion of the first anniversary of the Games, The Photographers’ Gallery presents and reanimates the many photographs and tweets created by #citizencurators.

Further details at: http://thephotographersgallery.org.uk/citizencurators

Thomson & Craighead are Being Social

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Thomson & Craighead are part of the inaugural exhibition ‘Being Social’ in the new Furtherfield Gallery slap bang in the middle of Finsbury Park, North London where they are showing a version of ‘London Wall’.  The exhibition is on already and runs until 28th April. Details here.

T&C are also showing a new projected version of ‘Flipped Clock’ and the short documentary artwork, ‘Several Interruptions’ as part of the exhibition ‘Mirror Neurons’ at the National Glass Centre in Sunderland,  on until 20th May. Details here.

They’ve also completely revamped their 2001 online artwork ‘e-poltergeist’ for the Canadian journal ‘BleuOrange’, and this goes live on 20th March at 0300hrs GMT. And finally, a new artwork, ‘A live portrait of Sir Tim Berners Lee (an early warning system)’ will be part of the major new exhibition, ‘Life Online’ launching in the National Media Museum on 29th March. Further details here.

Exhibition at 309 Regent Street: AV London & Through the Lens

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AV London
Through the Lens: Embodying the City
12th December 2011 to 12th January
309 Regent Street Gallery, University of Westminster, London W1B 2UW

A very successful opening party for two exhibitions, ‘AV London’ and ‘Through the Lens: Embodying the City’, curated by students on our Masters programmes in Cultural and Critical Studies, Museums, Galleries & Contemporary Culture, and Visual Culture. Thanks to Kristian Agustin for the photos. Both shows are on until January 12th at 309 Regent Street, so do go and check them out.

‘Through the Lens’ explores the relationship between the body and the urban environment. The collection of photographs explores the contrasts of corporeal dynamism and the solid urban canvas. The exhibition features contributions from four London based artists who each have an individual interpretation of the relationship between the people and the city: Michael Frank, Christina Lange, Peter Tweedie and Konstantinos Vasileiou. Further details on the exhibition website at: http://embodyingthecity.blogspot.com/

Curated by Eleni Tziourtzia, Angelica Sada, Xiaosong Liu, Ciara Fitzpatrick (curatorial); Alice Gibbs, Elena Griva, Katrina Macapagal (texts); Fliss Hooton, Nadia Little (production); Kristian Jeff Agustin, Alessandra Ferrini (design).

‘AV London’ is an exhibition of Stereoscopic (3D Photography) and Binaural recordings made the artist Gary Welch, which capture a cornucopia of sights, sounds and voices of the diverse metropolis of London. Welch’s installations transform the basic viewer into viewer-listener, who then becomes the ears and eyes of the ‘anyperson’ interacting with seven unique moments in London.

Curated by Elisa Adami, Miguel Corte Real, Leonardo Couto, Nihan Gumrukcuoglu, Silvia Morena, Menming Ran, Z Amber Richter, Kalliopi Tsipini-Kolaza, Simone van Eijk, Laura Vichick.

First Blip Prize for Creative Technologies

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We are pleased to report that the winner of the first Blip Prize for Creative Technologies was announced last night. The prize is awarded, courtesy of Blip Creative, to the best student project design for the IMCC’s new public display screen at Wells Street. The 2011 winner was Sophie Meter for her beautiful butterfly animation. Runners up were Kristian Agustin, Eleni Tziourtzia, David Itzcovitz and Yen Ooi. The winning videos can be seen (when opened in firefox) at http://www.blipcreative.com/blog.html Or, of course, you can check them out live on the corner of Wells Street and Booths Place.

The Blip Prize is the latest stage in the IMCC’s development of exciting content for the extraordinary state-of-the-art wall-hanging LED installation that is our contribution to The International Distributed Display Initiative, and which is part of the Institute’s New Media Theory research project, coordinated by Peter Cornwell at Blip with Alison Craighead and David Cunningham at the IMCC. Using an interface that has been designed such that no prior programming skills are assumed, staff and students will be making work for this experimental new media laboratory that will allow them to explore in hands-on fashion what it means to translate, phenomenalize, or even perform media-theoretical issues as, and in, new media.


Watch this space!

UPDATE: Video of the awards ceremony courtesy of David Itzcovitz:

Paul Khera, Adventures in Nightlife, Thursday 3rd November at P3

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Thursday 3 November 2011, 19.00 – 23.00

Presenting the work of Paul Khera in an evening of film, music and photography on the theme of London nightlife.

One off prints featuring intimate moments of London nightlife

‘Being Continued’, 37mins
Part film-noir, part meditation, a cinematic discourse on the journey of wisdom, there’s greed, violence, kidnapping; love, tranquility and revelation. This is a film that follows the cycle of human comprehension, gathering knowledge, being perplexed by it, testing wisdom with experience, suffering at the hands of greed, expanding and condensing knowledge, and finding peace. The story is part of the folklore of the himalya, it can be applied to society as a whole, or in the case of this film to an individual.

Late Night tunes by Maxology

Paul Khera has worked across the full spectrum of the visual arts. He started his career taking stills at Channel 4, playing in a band, and designing sleeves for another. Through a chance meeting at college, he started working for the ICA in London, designing posters and catalogues, for amongst others Jake & Dinos Chapman, Lawrence Weiner, William Wegman and Damien Hirst. After the Arts came fashion, a short stint at Elle, and then Vogue. Following that was a period at corporate design heavyweights Ideo, on large-scale projects for P&G in Geneve and Vodaphone in Lisbon. Interspersed were a few projects for the British Council, which took him from Tokyo (an interactive project, describing Britain to the Japanese) to Damascus to Kano (an attempt to foster Muslim Christian tolerance through typography). Lately the projects have mainly been self-motivated, he designed a Hospital in rural India, using only local know-how and vernacular and is currently working on a six year scheme, a hand built retreat in the Himalayas; in which he designed everything from the building to the interior and the furniture… in the meantime he found time to write a book on philosophy and folklore, and a suite of music to go with it. Khera has also been commissioned to follow around the rock band Suede for a year, taking photographs at various gigs from the 100 club to the Royal Albert Hall documenting their return to fame, as well as build up a riveting portfolio of portraits from the nightlife of London.

AMBIKA P3, 35 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LS
Entrance free.

Thomson & Craighead in Brussels

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A new solo exhibition of the work of Thomson and Craighead has just opened in South East of Brussels (Watermael/Boisfort), where they are showing six artworks/installations at the same time across two sites, Watermael Station and Vénerie Stables, from 26th October to 18th December 2011. Alison and John will also be giving gallery talks at each site on Saturday 19th November from 15.30pm. Further info at: http://thomson-craighead.blogspot.com/

Brixton Calling! exhibition

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Brixton Calling!
28 October-21 December 2011, weekdays 10am-5pm
198 Contemporary Arts & Learning, Brixton

This exhibition is the final stage of Brixton Calling! archiving and community project that connects contemporary Brixton to its past through the history of the late Brixton Art Gallery & Artists Collective in the 1980s. Exhibition opening: Thursday 27 October 2011, 6.30-10pm.

UPDATE: Further details on the 198 website here: http://198.org.uk/pages/currentexhibition.htm

Brixton Calling! events at 198 

Saturday 19 November, 2-4pm,  Curators/artists talk
Friday 25 November, 7-9pm, Brixton Fairy Night
Saturday 26 November, 1-5pm, Radical Printing
Saturday 10 December, 2-5pm, Black Art

Other Brixton Calling! events:

’80s Women Lens Based Media Event
Brixton Village, Thursday10 & Friday11 November, 7-12pm, Saturday12 November, 10am–9pm
For more information contact: info@198.org.uk

Women Artists Feminism in the 80s and Now
Goldsmiths, University of London 3rd December, 10am-5pm, in collaboration with the Women’s Art Library
For more information contact: a.greenan@gold.ac.uk

Archive installation by Stefan Szczelkun and Oral History documentary on show continuously along with many other sub-projects!

Modern in Miniature

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For anyone interested in architectural models, design education, and photography, the Institute’s Dr Davide Deriu, a colleague from the Department of Architecture here at University of Westminster, has curated a fascinating exhibition entitled ‘Modernism in Miniature’ at The Canadian Centre for Architecture. If you happen to be in Montreal, why not swing by, it’s on until January 2012:


Thomson & Craighead this summer

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Thomson & Craighead are showing three pieces of template cinema called, ‘Somewhere in Sweden’, ‘A short film about nothing’ and ‘Five Ghosts’ as part of the online component of this years Biennale de Montreal, curated by Paule Mackrous. The exhibit is published by the Centre International d’Art Contemporain de Montreal’s electronic magazine, issue 39/2011. Other artists include: Mark Amerika, Grégory Chatonsky, Jhave and Mouchette (aka Martine Neddam). More about template cinema here.

In other news, the duo are showing ‘Tallinn Wall’ (a re-working of their installation ‘London Wall’) and ‘BEACON’ as part of Gateways:  Art and Network Culture at the Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia: the museum’s keynote exhibition for Tallinn’s year as European Cultural capital in 2011. Also, a solo presentation of ‘Flipped Clock’, curated by Richard Rinehart, will run from June 1st – August 31st 2011 at the Berkeley Art Museum, California.

The Fitzrovia Intervention Art Trail (26th March – 16th April 2011)

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Art group ‘Fitzrovia Noir’ are organizing the Fitzrovia Intervention Art Trail.

It is Fitzrovia Noir’s wish to bring contemporary independent art practice to a wider audience in Fitzrovia, and they will be placing original artwork in 20-25 local shops and businesses for a period of 3 weeks in Spring 2011. We at the Institute are thrilled that our Wells Street location is on the trail.

Please see http://www.fitzrovianoir.com/page23.htm for further details of the trail, dates of artist-led guided tours, etc. Further details on Fitzrovia Noir here.

Rorschach Audio On The Road

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Following the success of the ‘Rorschach Audio’ talk at The University of Westminster, and sound installation at Usurp Gallery, a quick notification of two more forthcoming events on Disinformation’s travels…

Wednesday 30th March 2011: Joe Banks is providing a ‘Rorschach Audio’ soundtrack for painter Makiko Nagaya’s drawing performance at the Superhybrid Dada event organised by curator Peter Lewis in Leeds.

Wednesday 13th April 2011: a ‘Rorschach Audio’ lecture features in the Living Room festival organised by University of Auckland, Gus Fisher Art Gallery curator Andrew Clifford in New Zealand, to accompany the National Grid sound installation that will be exhibited there.

Thomson and Craighead shortlisted for Tiger Award

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Thomson and Craighead’s A short film about War has been nominated for the Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films 2011 at the Rotterdam Film Festival.  Screenings take place on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th January, with the award ceremony happening at 10pm on Monday 31st at the VPRO Late Night Talk Show. More info on the festival here

In other news: Thomson and Craighead will be showing their recent work, The Time Machine in alphabetical order, from 2nd – 13th February as part of Several Interruptions, a sequence of exhibitions celebrating 15 Years of the Slade Centre for Electronic Media in Fine Art to be held at the North Lodge, Gower Street. They’ll also be contributing to Cloud Sounds at the Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam, where they will be re-staging their installation, Unprepared Piano, 19th February – 29th April 2011.

Joe Banks, the Institute’s new AHRC Fellow, gigs in October/November…

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Never one to rest of his laurels, soundscape-ist Joe Banks is out and about in the next six weeks. He’s underground in Hackney, improvising at The Chelsea Theatre on the Kings Road, and noise-making in Harrow. Catch him if you can!

‘When The Dust Settles’ – live electromagnetic sound installation, sculpture, performances and video by Melanie Clifford, Nicola Counsell, Disinformation, Esmeralda Munoz-Torrero + Zai Tang, Raagnagrok, Tai Shani, David J. Smith, The Stargazer’s Assistant, Neil Taylor, Sophie Tom and Amanda Whittle, in an extraordinary underground location…


The Bunker
18 Ashwin Street
London E8 3DL

Performances start 7.30pm
Thurs 7th Oct – 6.30 to 11.30pm
8th + 9th Oct – midday to 10pm
10th Oct – midday to 5pm
Admission Free


Bus – 30, 38, 67, 76, 149, 242, 243, 277, Train – Dalston Kingsland, Tube – Dalston Junction


‘Film/ Music/ Other’ (Music Orbit Series 2) Disinformation and the Music Orbit Ensemble – Steve Beresford, Joel Bell, Francesca Thompson and Ben Crawley, improvising live scores to the films ‘Spellbound’, ‘Fire in the Eye’ and ‘Blackout’ by Disinformation. Programme includes “Electronic Labyrinth THX1138 4EB” – the first experimental short by director George Lucas and legendary sound-designer Walter Murch, the extraordinary ‘C’était un Rendezvous’ by the French Jewish-Algerian film-maker Claude Lelouch, ‘The Elephant and the Ship’ and ‘Monet’s Dream’ by artist and composer Ian Harris.

8pm Thurs 14th Oct 2010
The Chelsea Theatre
World’s End Place
Kings Road
London SW10 0DR
Admission £5


Presented by Music Orbit in association with Brunel University and the PRS Foundation. Bus – 22 or 11 heading west from Sloane Square tube (get off when you see the ‘World’s End Distillery’ on your left).


Usurp Arts Lab – performance, electronic music, documentary film, painting, sculpture and installations by Daniel Ackie, Blue Daisy, Sarah Cramer, Disinformation, Katy O’Donovan, Sarah Fowler, Reynir Hutber, Dilaksky Kandasamy, Natalie Leer, Isabel & Sophia Moseley, Aleesha Nandhra, Sheena Patel, Alice Turner, Aoife Twomey, Simon Underwood and Rich Watson.


Launch party + performances – 7pm Fri 12 Nov
Closing party – 7pm Sun 28 Nov

Usurp Art Gallery & Studios
140 Vaughan Road
London HA1 4EB

Usurp Gallery is 2 mins walk from West Harrow tube, 20 mins from Baker Street taking the Met Line towards Uxbridge. Gallery open Thursdays to Sundays 2pm to 8pm.

Alter Ego Reloaded

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Alexa Wright is currently showing a new configuration of the Alter Ego installation in Locate Me, an exhibition that examines the impact of new communication technologies on traditional concepts of space at Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Bethanien, Berlin, 22 May – 8 August, 2010. More details here.

Thomson & Craighead do London

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As part of the re-launch of the Museum of London, Thomson and Craighead are making a new work for the entrance hall. The new displays open from May 28th, and they will be building the commission over the space of a week ending June 6th, so come along and see it there. Works by The Singh Twins and Keith Coventry will also be on display, and the exhibition runs until September 5th. More info here.

Thomson and Craighead are further showing two brand new works, ‘The End’ and ‘The Time Machine in alphabetical order’, in a solo exhibition at Highland institute of Contemporary Art, running from June 20th to July 25th. Finally, you can also hear the duo being interviewed on Resonance FM here.